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Instrumentation & Control Equipments

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Loadcells For Oems - these loadcells and mounting accessoies are mainly designed for weighing sclaes and weighing system manufactures. available range is from 3 kg to 100 tonnes capacity. these loadcells comes with 3 years warranty. the range includes: single point, sheare beam, beanding beam, etc. ...

Eltek Systems

Vapour Cleaning Machines - provides user friendly operations with illuminated visual symbols on the front panelds.comes in a compact design with minimum fatigue and high productivity....

Indus Engineering Enterprises

High Precision Weighs - available in the range of 1mg to 50kg with the body of brass, stainless steel and austenitic stainless steel. ...

Weigh India

Roundness , Testers, Contour Measuring Machines. - pc based metrology testing & measuring instruments....

Prime Tech

Projectile Wire-weaving Machine - sulzer textil unveil p7d projectile weaving machine for producing wire fabrics the machine is available in weaving widths of up to 220 cm and features unequalled productivity in the production of wire fabrics. the machine weaves steel wire up to a diameter of 0.32 mm and aluminium wire up to 0.4 mm....

Sulzer Textil Limited

Vibration Damping Self Adhesive Viscoelastic Sheet - this is a high energy dissipitive material used to effectively control resonance induced vibrations in vibrating structures or devices. tha product is available in sizes of 300 x 300 mm.150 x 300 mm, and 100 x 300 mm in thickness of 3 mm, and hardness of durometer 5, 10 and 20 on shore durometer typ...

T-square Technologies

Gas Analyser - thses are commonly used to monitor atmaophere to help maintain cleaner natural environment. gas analyser (zkj) is capable of measuring the concentrations in sample gas. and measured by non-dispersion infrared method.a maximum of 5 components including o2 are simultaneously measurable. in addition, a...

Analyser Instrument Co Pvt Ltd

Optosensors - balluff india offers a range optosensors. the new bom 36k series features ergonomically designed, compact (55*65*20 mm) housing. the sensing distance of the energetic type diffuse sensor is 2000 mm or 500 mm for the verious with background suppression. the retro-reflective model with polarizing filt...

Balluff India

Rust Convertor - pyramid rust converter (prc), works by converting rust into an organo metallic complex protected by a polymer. when buff coloured prc is applied on a rusted surface it visibly converts rust to a brown, grey or black coloured film within minutes. this marks the end of rusting of the metallic surface....

Bombay Glucose And Chemicals

Static Elimination System - this measures the surface potential of a target, and generates ions to eliminate the static charge of the target. the generation of static electricity causes dust and dirt adhesion the areas of application are in clean room spot elimination of parts, sheet material, parts feeder, pc board packaging,...

Toshni-tek International

Machanical Coin Selector Series W 2000 - w 2000 series of mechanical coin selector is the result is suitable for all machines accepting coins/tokens up to 30 mm diameter and 3.5 mm thickness. it incorporates a series of tests for dimension (dia/thickness), material and weight, modular in design, mechanism will match application for fitment...

Elmatronik Sales Corporation

Adjustable Spacing Collar - adjustable spacing collar introduced in order to meet the industrial change to metric measurements.these adjustable spacers are provided with a screw thread of 1 mm pitch and the outer members carry an engrayed scale of 40 divisions(each division 0.025 mm or 0.001).these adjustable spacers and colla...

Sonisat Machine Tool Accessories Pvt Ltd

Force Measurement Device - this is a handy instrument available in different ranges for the measurement of push or pull force.pushing or pulling forces are indicated by the meter on a dial of 50mm diameter having scales ranging from 0-200 gm to 0-50kg.it has air additional facility of zero adjustment and the optimum reading c...

New Concepts & Systems

Ice Machine,flakes/chips - these are plung-in units requiring only water connection and main power supply to start ice production.it is hygenic with maximum cooling capacity,fully automatic and does not need any operator.it switches off automatically through a level controller when the storage bin is full and switches on agai...

Mellcon Engineers Pvt Ltd

Converter Module For Saving Energy - delstar converter module is for use with stardelta starter to save energy when the motor is partially or cyclically loaded.when the load on the motor is lower than 50%,the motor is operated in star m...

Vijay Energy Products Pvt Ltd

Power/energy Saver - it helpsto reduce electricity bill and cost of production. it has direct digitial readout of current, built-in time totalizer for star running time, which giives actual savingsof energy, and in-built 0-99s timer for delta .the energy saved varies from 15to 35%,depending on % loading of motor. ...


Pvc Fills - pvc file media for effluent treatment plants this product is used in waster water treatment chemical decomposition, potable water conditioning and other bio-degradation processes. they ensure a very high biological performane. they prove a large surface area to carry biomass on which bacteria grow b...

Nilesh Cooling Components Pvt Ltd

Thyristor Modules - 3-phase non-isolated thyristor modules (half bridge), with mounting base as joint anode terminal. is available current 60a, 80 a, 100a, 130a and 200 a with blocking peak inverse voltage upto 1600 v. type pwb200 a has a capacity of 200 a output current with 1400v piv. it bears surge current of 6000 a...

Sahil International

Ball Bearings - these ball bearings are used where space limitations or design configurations pose problems. ball bearings are specially designed for rolls of textile rotary screen printing machines. these rolls require bearings with large diameter through which printing ink can be piped. the bearings are sealed to...

Mac Marketing Corpn

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